Since the term ghostwriter – even that of the academic ghostwriter – is not protected, basically everyone can call themselves that. Also agencies sometimes falsely advertise the high qualifications of their employees, as they are rarely forced to prove such statements. There is a risk, especially for low-cost suppliers, that the ghostwriters employed there have neither an academic degree or experience in writing final papers or other university texts.

Especially in the academic field, the price should not be the decisive selection criterion. The focus is always on the quality, which is only guaranteed by established agencies and their employees, who all have a university degree.

That’s why our Consulting also has at least one qualified university degree from each employee. That alone is not a sufficient criterion for a good job, but in our experience at least a good basis. Anyone who has never worked scientifically is also unable to do so for others.

Can the client rely on confidentiality in ghostwriting?
Our authors provide high-quality texts and carry out all correction steps themselves. This is not only for the sake of cost savings, but it also offers the customer a higher discretion, if the circle of readers remains limited. On request, however, a second, additional correction review is possible.

Is ghostwriting legal?

Yes, ghostwriting has always been and will always be legal. If ghostwriting were illegal, hardly any provider would dare to offer its service via a German domain. Ghostwriting is a service that is fundamentally free of contractual obligations unless the rights of third parties are affected. Therefore, it is legally not objectionable if a clause to dispense with the naming of the author as author is inserted in a contract.

Contrary to popular belief, academic ghostwriting is by no means illegal. Today, numerous institutions and private individuals need scientific texts. Nothing speaks against handing over the writing of these texts to specialized service providers.

The writing of dissertation papers, diploma theses, master theses, bachelor theses and other theses is not objectionable from a legal point of view. The situation is different when these templates are used to pretend an exam.

Do I have a quality guarantee for ghostwriting?
Nobody can assure you that the delivered texts correspond exactly to your ideas. Too many approaches are conceivable, especially in the academic field. Nevertheless, to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, our agency takes several steps:

We focus on quality when selecting authors. An academic degree is just as much a prerequisite here as the ability to think analytically and to write accurately.

The text to be created will be discussed in detail with our customers at the beginning. An outline or an exposé is created showing the chapter structure, the topics and the theories used, the methods and the style. The customer can have an active influence on the text design throughout the period of writing. If in doubt, the ghostwriter will contact you with queries and comments, and see to it how the text should continue.
If the text does not meet the customer’s expectations, a timely revision is possible.

What does ghostwriting cost?

Since everyone can call himself a “ghostwriter” regardless of his education, and in addition is “hosted” in all text types, no flat rates can be mentioned here. Remunerating prices depends on many factors – especially the quality and effort of the ghostwriter and the willingness of the client or the publisher to honor those things. In the field of “celebrity biographies”, for example, large sums are flowing. Even with high-quality non-fiction books, customers must expect costs in the low five-digit range.

The fees for academic ghostwriting depend on several factors. Subject area, deadlines and preliminary work have a significant impact on pricing. How the prices are composed, you can read here.

In which texts is ghostwriting useful?
Ghostwriting takes place in almost every area. Decisive are the motives of the client. It’s not always about a text. In some cases, the customer wants to save weeks or months of lengthy research or expensive writing courses. The more extensive the text, the more the ghostwriter can get to grips with the topic, and the greater the benefit that the client gets.

In many cases, our clients are too busy writing their own texts because they want to give seminars, dedicate themselves to their family or are just ready for a vacation. A ghostwriter not only helps to create a text, but also often improves the quality of life.

What makes ghostwriting academic ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is defined as the writing of a text on behalf of a customer, without the author being named as author. Basically any kind of text is conceivable. And the topic has already arrived in Hollywood. In his 2011 film Anonymous, Roland Emmerich explores the question of whether William Shakespeare had a ghostwriter or was himself the author of his works. Because there are ghostwriters who make novels or poems on behalf of the customer. Much more common are love letters, blog posts or advertising slogans.

Academic ghostwriting is understood as a specialized part of ghostwriting. Academic ghostwriting, as we understand it, means academics who have at least one university degree to write scientific papers. Objects of academic ghostwriting are scientific texts. A student who writes a science-fiction novel is, according to this definition ghostwriter, but not academic ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting lyrics better than your own?
As a rule, nobody who is sure of his or her case, who is able to write in a competent and linguistically accurate manner, and who also has sufficient time and wants to save himself a fee, will appoint a ghostwriter.

For many customers, this ideal combination is not given. Often the experiences with own texts also show that writing degenerates into a torment at the end of which there is no good text but only frustration. In such cases, customers can expect the use of a ghostwriter, even when it comes to their own ideas and designs.

Because even the best idea is useless, if it is not formulated in an understandable and appealing way. Especially in texts that have the publicity effect, competence and style are crucial.

Ghostwriting agency?
In times of widespread use of the term ghostwriting, it is becoming increasingly difficult for clients to gain a clear overview.

Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that websites will keep their promises.

Some questions every customer should ask can help avoid disappointment:

How long has the agency or individual ghostwriter been in business?
As a rule, problematic agencies quickly disappear or rename themselves after failures and try to restart.

Which price range is offered?
Although extremely low prices are not an exclusive exclusion criterion, they can point to students, students or low-skilled ghostwriters.

Higher prices, on the other hand, are not evidence of quality per se, but indicate that the agency is taking its services seriously and realistically assessing the cost of ghostwriters.

Does the agency / ghostwriter have a registered office in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?
Clarify if there is someone personally available to give you information. If this is not the case, behind the provider may be a mailbox company based abroad.

Which range of services is offered?

Check if the agency has enough contacts with ghostwriters of different disciplines and covers different types of text.

In which way does the agency promote its services?
Based on the size and type of advertising, you can infer whether it is a longer-term engagement or a “dayfly”.

Does the agency have a meaningful price concept?
A transparent, reasonable and comprehensible pricing is mandatory for a reputable agency.

In any case, an assignment should always be preceded by a clarifying consultation or a personal meeting.

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